2008 RSL Seminar in New Delhi

Thanks to our Sponsors for the 2008 RSL Seminar in New Delhi

Afirm Group 2008 RSL Seminar


Click on a link below to download a PDF copy of the presentations:

Welcome and Sponsor Thanks – Elizabeth Treanor, Director, AFIRM

Speaker Introductions – Tex Moseri, New Balance

Introduction and Purpose – Astrid Schoedel, s.Oliver

RSL- Definitions and Why – Sean Cady, Levi Strauss & Co.

Chemical Categories– Marcus Kuerner, adidas-Group

Examples of Failures – Andy Chen, Nike; Tara Young, Tesco; Mattias Bodin, H&M; Jeffrey Birtwistle, C&A

Sources of Failures – Tara Young, Tesco

Testing – Gordon McEwan, Ann Taylor

REACH – Jeffrey Birtwistle, C&A

Introduction to AFIRM Chemistry Toolkit – Josh Kasteler, Timberland

Wastewater – Ajay Lakhwani, Gap

Factory RSL Management System – Andy Chen, Nike

Dye and Chemical Selection – Mattias Bodin, H&M

Best Practices for Compliance – Alokkumar Sharma, Ramkumar Mills

Strategy for RSL Compliance – Dr. Ajay Ranka, Zydex Industries

Energy Efficiency – Marcus Kuerner, adidas-Group

RSL: Getting Started – Kitty Man, Levi Strauss & Co.

New US Law – Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 – Tex Moseri, New Balance

Customer Information on Pigments – BASF

Q&A – Gordon McEwan, Ann Taylor


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